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The High Performance Mind

Mastering Brainwaves for Insight, Healing, and Creativity
Paperback Book
January, 1997
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Imagine being able to enter—at will—the exact state of consciousness that is most beneficial and most desirable for any given circumstance. This type of self-mastery, known as “high-performance mind,” is not as difficult to achieve as you might imagine, it simply requires a solid understanding of brainwave development and the ability to combine them with meditation. Anna Wise shows the way in this groundbreaking book. An international authority on the use of Mind Mirror EEGs to measure and train brainwaves for high performance and meditative states, Wise describes the four kinds of brainwaves—beta, alpha, theta, and delta—and explains how they communicate with each other to pass information between the conscious, subconscious. and unconscious mind. She shares her techniques for mastering these brainwaves, meditations, and therapeutic processes to help in healing illness, entering creative states at will, becoming more effective leaders and problem-solvers, and improving personal relationships.

The High-Performance Mind is filled with dozens of exercises to help readers train their brains to shift states of consciousness at will. Even skeptics will be transformed after reading this.

The theories, exercises and techniques offered in this book will take the reader on a journey that ranges from taming out-of-control thoughts to experiencing pleasurable excursions into vivid sensory imagery to diving into the mind’s deepest core. Once readers have learned the techniques for producing their optimum brainwave patterns, later chapters will show them how this mind power can be applied beneficially to their lives.

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