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The Highly Sensitive Person's Complete Learning Program

Essential Insights and Tools for Navigating Your Work, Relationships, and Life
Spoken Word CD
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December, 2019
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From the pioneering researcher who first brought highly sensitive people to light: an expansive and up-to-date audio course to inform and support HSPs
Are you sensitive to bright lights, loud noises, strong smells, or coarse fabrics?
Do other people’s moods and needs strongly affect you?
On busy days, do you ever wish you could withdraw to a quiet, private place?
Are you deeply moved by the arts or music?
Do you have a rich inner life?
If so, you may be an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)
In her groundbreaking 1996 book The Highly Sensitive Person, Dr. Elaine Aron opened the eyes of the public to the trait, validating the unique lives of one-fifth of the population.
With this in-depth audio learning program—taught by Elaine, an HSP herself—she invites us to learn the full scope of what we now know about high sensitivity (also known as sensory processing sensitivity in psychology), including many new research findings and life strategies. Join her to explore:
  • What high sensitivity is and how to tell if you're an HSP
  • Research into the psychology, neuroscience, genetics, and biology of the trait
  • The five markers of high sensitivity
  • Many self-care practices and guidelines for supporting yourself in an overwhelming world
  • Fostering intimate relationships and healthy connections
  • Choosing the right career and bringing your gifts to the workplace
  • How childhood affects the emotional lives of HSPs—and how to reframe and integrate those early experiences
  • Supporting the highly sensitive child—guidance for parents, caregivers, and teachers
  • Spirituality—how high sensitivity enriches the inner life, and many other topics

"High sensitivity is neither a disorder nor a reason to brag," Elaine Aron makes clear. "It's an asset that we need to protect and use." With this immersive learning experience, she offers an essential, in-depth resource to help us do so. 


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