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Hollyhock Cooks

Food to Nourish Body, Mind and Soil
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Paperback Book
New Society
June, 2003
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Nestled in the lush forest of Cortes Island, B.C., where the sea laps at the beach below, Hollyhock is a retreat and renewal centre devoted to nurturing and inspiring those who are caring for the world. As they say, “At the root of our work is love of the land, its care, and its connection to the human spirit. We celebrate this relationship most visibly at our kitchen table.”

The combination of people and the natural world is the most important recipe… Soil is the treasure and love is the primary nutrient… And please, make the extra effort to buy organic and local. —the directors of Hollyhock

Hollyhock has been attracting visitors like bees to honey for over thirty years now—partly because of its incredibly delicious and artistic food. The locally-grounded, globally-influenced cuisine there, created by a host of talented artist-cooks using vegetables and flowers gathered from Hollyhock’s amazing French-intensive biodynamic gardens, is at last available in this beautifully illustrated cooking book.

Offering a tasty feeling for how the seashore-garden-kitchen-dining room connections work, this is an unusually integrated cookbook. In that sense, it’s a beautiful embodiment of what Hollyhock is about. Hollyhock Cooks, with colour photographs by Maria Robledo (one of New York’s best food photographers), serves up over 200  great recipes (some of them have been delectably evolving for many summers) including everything from soups (carrot soup with tahini, mixed bean chili with corn) and salads (Asian slaw, green bean and smoked wild salmon salad) to entrées (Thai peanut tofu, roasted vegetable lasagna), sauces (Hollyhock creamy herbal dressing, sun-dried tomato pesto) and spreads (coconut cilantro chutney), baking (spinach feta rolls, lemon blueberry muffins), desserts (fruit turnover with ginger and cardamom, mango ginger upside down cake), breakfast foods (soy hotcakes with orange, breakfast corn soufflé), and drinks (chai, Hollyhock Kitsilano tea), et cetera! Special chapters also focus on how to combine garden with kitchen, and on secrets for cooking for a crowd.

Interspersed throughout are comments from the famous Hollyhock presenters—cutting-edge folks from the body, mind and soul circuit such as Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Robert Bly, and Joan Borysenko—who wax eloquent on their very favourite dishes.

“Maharaji said that we should eat only food cooked with love. The food at Hollyhock is tasty, cooked with care and love. I take away a soft sweetness and a fat stomach!” —Ram Dass

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Garden-fresh recipes from an island retreat.

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