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How to Heal Toxic Thoughts

Simple Tools for Personal Transformation
Paperback Book
Sterling Ethos
October, 2012
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Every change we make in our consciousness ripples through the entire web of life. When we project toxic energy, it hurts all living beings. When we feel peace, it helps bring all beings peace.

We may not realize it consciously, but negative feelings can be as toxic as physical poisons, wearing on us and causing depression, dis-ease, and burnout. But how can we keep ourselves safe in a world too often ruled by resentment, jealousy, rage, and stress? How to Heal Toxic Thoughts provides the tools and know-how, and it lies in the ancient principle of alchemy.

Many people think that the old alchemists were trying to turn lead into gold. But in actuality, as Sandra Ingerman—a practicing shaman and psychologist, also author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth—reveals, they were metaphorically working on transforming heavy leaded consciousness into a light-hearted, golden consciousness. Using alchemical theories, Ingerman offers strategies for appropriately processing and transforming the negative thoughts and emotions that arise throughout the day. Instead of sending harmful energy, you will learn, through meditations, visualizations, and other exercises, how to radiate positive thoughts and shield yourself from those that are destructive. Ingerman’s methods are simple, but have the power to change you, others, and the world.

In our work together, you will learn to identify your toxic thoughts, transmute your negative energy, and shield yourself from the harmful influences others are projecting out of ignorance. I will show you simple ways to transform who you are in the world so that you can become a true expression of peace.

Publisher’s Description: 
We may not realize it, but negative feelings can be as toxic to our health as physical poisons, wearing on us and causing depression, illness, and burnout. In this updated edition of her classic How to Heal Toxic Thoughts, shaman and psychologist Sandra Ingerman reveals the secrets of the ancient alchemists and offers strategies for processing harmful thoughts and emotions and turning spiritual lead into gold. Her methods are simplebut they can change you, others, and the world.

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