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How to Listen

Tools for opening up conversations when it matters most
Paperback Book
Octopus Books
May, 2021
$16.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 
Samaritans is a UK charity with thousands of volunteers who offer free "listening" to folks in emotional distress. But we don't only need good listeners when we're in a time of crisis - we need them when we're struggling to make a decision, dealing with a difficult situation, or simply having a bad week. Samaritans believe that every one of us can be a better listener in our everyday life, strengthening relationships and offering support to those around us.
In this friendly and approachable book, readers will discover:
  • How to open up a conversation with someone who might be struggling
  • How to listen fully
  • How to empathise and reflect rather than problem solve
  • How to use gentle encouragement to help others share their stories
  • The power of listening without judgement
With helpful tips from real Samaritans, and advice on how these techniques can be adapted for different situations, this important book can help to make each of us a better partner, friend, parent and colleague.

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