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How to Tell Stories to Children

Hardcover Book
HMH Books
June, 2021
$32.00 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 
Storytellingis one of the oldest and most essential skills known to humankind, a timeless parenting tool that helps families celebrate lifes joys, navigate its challenges, and raise healthy, well-adjustedkids.

Stories help children manage their emotions, empathize with others, and better understand the complex world we live in. More importantly, storytelling cultivates a rich and meaningful bond between storyteller and listener, building intimacy and trust between parent and child.

In this delightful book, Silke Rose West and Joseph Sarosyearly childhood educators with thousands of storytelling hours between themdistill the key ingredients of storytelling into a surprisingly simple method that can make anyone an expert storyteller. Their intuitive technique uses events and objects from your childs daily life to make storytelling easy and accessible. By shifting the focus from crafting a narrative to strengthening your relationship with your child, this book will awaken skills you never knew you had.

Complete with practical advice, helpful prompts, and a touch of science to explain how stories enrich our lives in so many ways, How to Tell Stories to Children is a must-read for parents, grandparents and educators.

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