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If Darwin Prayed

Prayers for Evolutionary Mystics
Paperback Book
November, 2010
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Our vocation is to fall back in love with creation and to treat the planet, her biosystems, and creatures, as we treat our family.

By fusing the wisdom of luminaries such as Charles Darwin, Bruce Cockburn, Emily Dickinson, Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison, Brian Swimme, and Thomas Berry with the ancient wisdom traditions of Christianity, Bruce Sanguin writes prayers for the contemporary mystic. When the science of evolution is told as sacred story, the human heart requires new prayers to express itself. These cosmological prayers awaken the soul to its essential unity with Spirit and creation, and support a new Reformation emerging from the conversation between religion, science, and the arts.

Humble Homecoming

We gather now,

harvesters of an all-pervasive grace,

unexpected benefactors of the deed

to this great and glorious cosmic inheritance.


We, the walking, waking stars,

ablaze with wonder,


and hope,

gather to remember three words:

kinship with all that is;

debt that can only be paid forward;

gift, sacred mantra of the humble.



the great and glorious sacrifice of abundance,

asks in return—


that we shed our entitled egos

and drop to our knees,

uttering a single, simple prayer

that changes everything:

“Thank you.”



“Today, there is no shortage of wonderful books on prayer, but Bruce Sanguin blends wonder, contemplation, and Holy Mystery in prayers that resonate deeply with co-creators embracing their connectedness with all that is. These cosmic prayers for the liturgical seasons are uniquely inspiring for pioneers on the sacred path of conscious evolution, as the prayers evoke a coherence of heart, mind, and soul.” —Barbara Marx Hubbard,  author of Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential

“Some people dismiss Christian theology that embraces scientific evolution as arid. But they have not experienced Sanguin’s deep, earthy, joyous prayers. The outpourings in this book shimmer with mystical connection. Their psychological insights elicit shudders of recognition. They offer direction for our sacred paths.” —Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun

Also by Vancouver minister Bruce Sanguin is Darwin, Divinity, and the Dance of the Cosmos.









Publisher’s Description: 

These prayers spark the spiritual imagination back to life and reorient readers to a mystical unity with the universe, Spirit, and all of creation. Emerging out of the conversation between the science of evolution and spirituality, these prayers continually surprise with their earthy wisdom and a profound celebration of life.

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