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The Illuminated Heart

Perspectives on East-West Psychology and Thought
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Paperback Book
Haven Institute Press
June, 2012
$32.50 CAD
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In The Illuminated Heart, Jock McKeen and Bennet Wong distill a lifetime's investigation of Western psychology and classical Chinese philosophy and medicine. They trace the personalities and ideas from East and West that have influenced their own lives and their work with people  around the globe. In so doing, they describe their vision of a world in which people can learn to appreciate diversity and experience the fullness of contact, understanding and empathy.

People have often asked us, “What do you call what you do?” and “Where did you learn to do that?” We want to share what we have synthesized from our eclectic investiga­tions and practices... In our personal as well as our professional lives, we have travelled a long way. Our aim now is to share what we have learned, and to try to make sometimes complex and confusing ideas more accessible.

Part I (Beginnings) corresponds to the Water stage of change in the Chinese cycle; and presents for the first time in writing their Dynamic Empathy Model.

Part II (The West) corresponds to Wood; and dis­cusses various idea systems from Western psychology and philoso­phy, from Freud through Existentialism to Dialogical Psychology.

Part III (Chinese Philosophy) corresponds to Fire; and looks at the intricate conversation amongst the Book of Changes and the three “great doctrines” of the Chinese: Confucian­ism, Daoism, and Buddhism.

The ancient Chinese believed that the root of an individual’s heart reaches to the depths of the universe. When one looks inward and finds genuine personal response, then shares this with another, a spiritual communication is possible. Each person has access to the beauty and music of the universe, which can be shared with others. This reminds us of the line from Les Misérables, “To love another person is to see the face of God.”

McKeen and Wong are best known as founders of The Haven on Gabriola Island. The Illuminated Heart is not an effort to sum up the educational theory of personal development they’ve developed over 42 years, but stands alongside those ideas. They seek no less than to demonstrate how a unity between East and West can inform lives on both sides of the Pacific for the better.” —Nanaimo Daily News

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