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Impossible Truths

Amazing Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact
Hardcover Book
Watkins Media
January, 2018
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Impossible Truthsshowcases the classic, provocative von Dniken theories for a new generation. For more than four decades, Erich von Dniken has been elaborating his astounding thesis that the inhabitants of other planets have kept in contact with humanity since the earliest times and that they are still communicating with us today.

In this book he presents new eyewitness proof of extraterrestrial activity, as well as evidence from expert informants that has remained secret until now. He also highlights the findings of new research that he has been able to undertake as previously inaccessible areas have opened up, such as the jungle city of Buritaca in Colombia.

It was once thought that only the ancient Nazca people of Peru scraped gigantic images in the ground. Now, thanks to Erich von Dniken, we know that this is a worldwide phenomenon seen all over the world, from Jordan and Saudi Arabia to Chile and Mexico: immense circles and wheels, mile-wide images that look like dragons or supernatural beings with rays extending from their heads. When will people finally grasp the global basis of the Nazca phenomenon? asks von Dniken. He believes these ancient geoglyphs were created as messages to the gods, to signal to the extraterrestrial beings that people had seen with their own eyes moving about the sky.

More than 150 full-colour photographs substantiate von Dnikens theories and let the reader assess from themselves the stunning visual evidence. These spectacular findings from the worlds bestselling non-fiction author will teach us how to be truly amazed again.

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