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The History and Mysticism of the Tulku Tradition of Tibet
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Paperback Book
August, 2011
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The best-selling author of The Healing Power of Mind presents a historical overview and detailed explanation of the phenomenon of incarnate enlightened beings, known as tulkus in Tibetan. A tulku, out of kindness for beings, is born again and again as a teacher who dedicates his or her life to serving others, specifically through sharing the teachings of the Buddha. He or she is usually recognized by those well-trained friends and students who were close to the previous incarnation and who have the appropriate insight to recognize their deceased master in the form of a very young child. Throughout the history of Tibetan Buddhism, tulkus have been the standard-bearers of the tradition and providers of spiritual and social guidance for both the ordained and the lay people of that culture.
The book covers the following topics: the fundamental principle of the tulku; the three kinds of tulkus; the methods for recognizing tulkus; stories of tulkus' miracles and clairvoyance; the goals fulfilled by them; the roles tulkus have played in history; and the attainments they have displayed at death.

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