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The Individual And The Nature Of Mass Events

A Seth Book
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Paperback Book
New World
November, 1995
$28.50 CAD
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Revered for its mapping of inner reality and human potential, Seth is the most widely published channeled teacher of this century. Speaking through the late Jane Roberts (1929-1984), Seth articulates “the truths that we have allowed ourselves to forget,” and is well known for stressing the concept that we create our own reality according to our individual beliefs.

Here, Seth explores how our realities merge and combine “to form mass reactions such as the overthrow of governments, the birth of a new religion, wars, epidemics, earthquakes, and new periods of art, architecture and technology.” He offer reflections on Freudianism, Darwinism, religions, cults, and medical beliefs. Extending the idea that people shape their own reality, he shows how we are all involved in world events.

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In this pioneering work, Seth explores the connection between personal beliefs and world events. He pinpoints the unconscious - and often negative - beliefs pervading science and religion, medicine and mythology, and offers thought-provoking reflections on Darwinism, Freudianism, religion, cults, and medical beliefs.

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