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August, 2000
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Written in 1953, this metaphysical classic is back in print. Written at the request of her advanced students, Initiation is an illuminating autobiography that connects the 20th century European life of internationally beloved teacher Elisabeth Haich and her lucid memories of initiation into the hidden mystical teachings of the priesthood of ancient Egypt. A compelling story within a story emerges detailing the life experiences that catalyzed her spiritual path.

In an earlier life in ancient Egypt, a young woman is prepared for initiation into the esoteric secrets of the priesthood by the High Priest Ptahhotep, who instructs her step by step, consistent with her development, in the universal truths of life. Throughout this extraordinary book, Elisabeth Haich reveals her in-depth insights into the subtle workings of karma, reincarnation, the interconnectedness of individual daily life choices and spiritual development. She shares usually hidden truths that only rare individuals in any generation seek, find, and communicate to others, enabling the reader to awaken within the essential understanding necessary to enlighten any life no matter when events manifest.

In 20th century Europe, from childhood to adulthood, through war and remarkable meetings and synchronicities, she demonstrates the power of turning the searchlight of one’s consciousness inward and using every life event towards expanding consciousness.

Initiation has inspired generations of spiritual seekers around the world. Whether read as an autobiographical novel unveiling mystical truths or as a unique glimpse into Elisabeth Haich’s exceptional journey to initiation, the personal impact on the reader is profound.

Also by Elisabeth Haich are Sexual Energy and Yoga and Wisdom of the Tarot.

Publisher’s Description: 

This illuminating autobiography connects the 20th-century European life of a beloved teacher with her lucid memories of intitiation into the mystery tradition of ancient Egypt. The story of her life as a young woman in Egypt recounts the High Priest’s step-by-step instruction in the universal truths of life as she is prepared for initiation. Her modern life story, from war to remarkable meetings, demonstrates the power of those truths in action.

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