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Inner Rhythm Meditations

Music for Expansive Awareness & Inspired Movement
Music CD
Sounds True
October, 2016
$23.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

In many indigenous traditions, we learn to “tune into the sacred heartbeat of the earth.” With Inner Rhythm Meditations, master percussionist Byron Metcalf presents an album of music created to help you connect to the pulse of the cosmos. Byron takes you on a seamless, hour-long voyage–balancing stretches of spacious relaxation with sections of vibrant, energetic composition. Featuring a subtle blend of percussion and gentle instrumentation including the shakuhachi flute, here is an album that evokes the dance between stillness and motion—ideal for bodywork, movement practices such as walking meditation and qigong, and promoting a state of relaxed, alert creativity.

Also by inner-journey-man Byron Metcalf are the CDs Shamanic Trace Dance (amazing movement medicine) and (with Mark Seelig and Steve Roach) Deep Time Dreaming.

Publisher’s Description: 

This album is designed to take the listener on a seamless, hour-long voyage, perfect as an accompaniment to bodywork, sitting or walking meditation, or gentle movement-based practices. Byron's subtle percussion provides a sense of movement, while gentle washes of sound and subtle instrumentation, including shakuhachi flute, provide a relaxed and engaging soundtrack for deep inner journeys through movement and stillness.

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