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Inner Wisdom

The Eternal Youth and the Wise Old Sage
Spoken Word CD
Mosaic Multicultural Foundation
April, 2012
$48.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Following myths from ancient India and Ireland, mythopoetic storyteller and mentor Michael Meade weaves together cosmology, psychology, philosophy, and poetry in order to open the soul’s vision and catch the fish of wisdom. Rather than being abstract knowledge, “embodied wisdom” is shown to be both immediate and eternal, both spiritual and soulful. The point here is “living philosophy” that connects the “uniqueness” of each individual with the Soul of the World.

Using the “inner eyes of the soul,” Meade looks behind the great conflicts of modern culture and uncovers hidden connections between youth and the elders. Using poetry and wit, he makes the case for the necessity of a meaningful life and the authenticity of each soul. Using cogent ideas from the East and the West, he brings a soulful sense of wisdom back to life.

Wisdom combines the spontaneous with the eternal, the personal with the universal, the practical with the symbolic, and unites soul with spirit. Inner wisdom fosters emotional intelligence, reveals unique visions, and keeps the soul lively at any age.

THEMES INCLUDE: Wisdom and the Soul • An Authentic Life • Darkness Matters • Swimming Towards God • Paths to the Sacred • The Fish of Wisdom • Soul Making • The Inner Sage • Puer and Senex • Unique Torchbearer.

Inner Wisdom also includes these stories, told in Michael’s spellbinding storytelling-with-drumming style: Markandeya, the first seeker, Fionn and the Fish of Wisdom, and The Young God and the Old One.

Among Michael Meade’s books are The Water of Life  and Fate and Destiny.

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