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Intimate Communion

Awakening Your Sexual Essence
Paperback Book
Health Communications
October, 1995
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Intimate Communion, David Deida’s first book, explores and evokes how to create a relationship that is spiritually erotic, sexually deep, and passionately committed to love. This major contribution to the exploration of male and female spirituality reveals the next step in intimate relationships.

We are willing to sacrifice our need to know “where we stand,” and thus we are free to let go of old roles and discover, day by day, the style of intimate relationship that best serves our expression of love. We are willing to discover, moment by moment, how to cultivate an intimate relationship that empowers us to give our greatest gifts. We are free to do this when we have observed our deviations, grown out of our Dependence and 50/50 needs, and are ready to follow our most primary impulse to release ourselves and be overwhelmed by love. Understanding the futility of our search for release and fulfillment, we relax into our true nature, into the heart of this moment, which is inherently open, loving and unboundedly alive. In the practice of Intimate Communion, the dance between man and woman continues, but the need for it to fulfill us has come to rest in the present fullness of our heart.

Among David Deida’s other books are Finding God through Sex and Wild Nights.

Publisher’s Description: 

To truly understand your intimate relationships, you must read this book! David Deida, internationally known for his work in personal growth and intimate relationships, shares the deep understandings and effective techniques that he has refined through his 20 years of consultation, research and spiritual practice. Learn how to keep your relationships growing--beyond the sexually neutralized roles so typical of today--and create a relationship that is spiritually erotic, sexually deep and passionately committed to love.

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