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Invincible Living

Kundalini Technology: Breathwork and Meditation Practices for a Meaningful Life
Spoken Word CD
Sounds True
January, 2019
$41.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Join Guru Jagat to experience the high-velocity practices of Kundalini Yoga

Break through your inherited programming and tap into true freedom, creativity, empowerment, and well-being. With Invincible Living: Kundalini Technology, beloved teacher Guru Jagat presents a four-part series of simple, life-changing techniques from Kundalini Yoga, a results-driven practice with a deep yogic heritage. Most refreshingly, these practices are accessible to anyone at any experience or fitness level—no hours of practice, matching spandex, or bendy backs needed.

Super-effective Kundalini practices to meet the needs of your demanding life

Practical yet incredibly profound, the ancient and accessible art of Kundalini Yoga has been refined over thousands of years to help you create a more satisfying and creative life. Through Guru Jagat’s candid talks and guided meditations, you’ll learn how to clear your subconscious, activate your true excellence, and radiate unimpeded into the world. Discover:


  • How to break free from the culturally accepted hypnotic haze of modern life
  • Short, easy techniques that you can do anywhere to elevate your mind and mood
  • Guided practices for empowered relationships, health, abundance, and more

“Your most amplified life is possible: amplified vitality, amplified joy, amplified love, amplified success,” teaches Guru Jagat. Join her with Invincible Living: Kundalini Technology and put these effective tools to work for you.


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