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Invisible History Of The Rosicrucians

Paperback Book
Inner Traditions
September, 2009
$29.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

This first complete historical and philosophical investigation into the "invisible fraternity" of the Rosicrucians reveals ties to Freemasonry and the Templars. Tobias Churton explains how this secret society has shaped our mythology and spiritual consciousness and reveals the Rosicrucian fraternities that are active today.For nearly 400 years, incredible myths and stories have been woven around the "invisible" Brothers of the Rose Cross, the Rosicrucians. It is said that they possessed the secret of man and God, that they could turn lead into gold, that they governed Europe in secret, that theirs was the true philosophy of Freemasonry, and that they could save--or destroy--the world. In The Invisible History of the Rosicrucians, Tobias Churton, a "perfected" Knight of the Rose Croix and the Pelican (18th degree, Ancient and Accepted Rite), presents the first definitive historical and philosophical view of this mysterious brotherhood.

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