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Inviting a Monkey to Tea

Befriending Your Mind and Discovering Lasting Contentment
Paperback Book
Hohm Press
October, 2012
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Publisher’s Description: 

"I offer this book as a road map of sorts, from chasing happiness to discovering lasting contentment. My hope is that the experience of reading the book will serve as a microcosm of the larger change process I describe, that is—from believing your mind and what it tells you, to loving your mind even if you don't believe it, to being well regardless of whatever mischief your mind is up to. My wish is that your sense of who you actually are will shift and open as the pages turn, and that you will come to know yourself, not just as the mind's contents, but as infinite and loving awareness itself.

We spend our lives trying to get to some imaginary there, where happiness awaits. What we don't know how to do is to get to here, where we are and where well-being and contentment live. We discover well-being when we shift the direction of our glance toward this moment and what is actually here. The secret to well-being is counter-intuitive: allow whatever is happening inside you to happen. Don't do anything with it. Feel what you are feeling, hear what you are thinking, experience what you are experiencing. Let what is moving though you move through without changing it, judging it, or identifying with its contents. Make no links, create no narrative between what you are experiencing. When you let go of achieving a particular outcome with your experience and meet your experience, as it is, you will be well.

You will uncover the place that relies on nothing and no one and is inherently ours and always available. In truth, we have been chasing raindrops oblivious to the fact that we are already swimming in an ocean of well-being. Well-being is here, awaiting our presence. It is we who turn away from it, believing that the raindrops are our best hope. This book is about learning to shift the direction of our journey, from out and away from to into and toward ourselves, into what is actually happening here, now, our true nature. Well-being can only flourish within our own presence in what is. Throughout these pages, I invite you into a state of being that is deeper than happiness, one that can support us and keep us eternally okay." - from the book

"Nancy guides us to the wholeness of life that is our true identity. She shows us how to develop a caring and inclusive relationship with our mind and the mind of the universe. Reading this totally enjoyable and informative book is like sitting down for a cup of tea with our mind." -- BERNIE GLASSMAN

"Nancy Colier has written a delightful guidebook for travelers setting out to a sturdy, unshakable sense of well-being that will withstand the rigors of life and the tests of time." -- SHARON SALZBERG, Co-Founder of the Insight Meditation Society

"Contentment is the greatest form of wealth. Befriending and accepting yourself while befriending the world is the direct route to it. Nancy Colier's book is rich in so very many wise and lovely ways; I recommend it highly." -- LAMA SURYA DAS

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