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Iridology in Practice

Revealing the Secrets of the Eye
Paperback Book
Basic Health
November, 2013
$26.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Iridology is the science of observing and identifying markings in the iris (the coloured part of the eye). These markings represent a person's genetic blueprint and congenital characteristics, and offer a means of evaluating the functioning of various bodily organs. They may indicate specific health problems, such as inflammation, the accumulation of toxins, and certain other disease-related conditions. Observing the iris even offers insight into a person's lifestyle and related health issues.

Iridology is a completely noninvasive, natural option for diagnosing disease and illness via analysis of the eyes. This powerful diagnostic tool is becoming more widespread, and practitioners and laypeople alike can turn to Iridology in Practice: Revealing the Secrets of the Eye to further their understanding of the available information for maximum health benefits. Beyond the technical aspects of iridology, Iridology in Practice also presents a holistic approach to wellness--body, mind, and soul--where the author draws on her twenty years of practical experience in complementary medicine.

An indispensable read for enthusiasts of alternative medicine, this comprehensive guide also features a rare collection of color photographs of eyes illustrating the principles of this growing field.

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