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Isis Unveiled

Secrets of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition, A New Abridgment for Today
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Paperback Book
September, 1997
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This is a sensitive and intelligent abridgment of Blavatsky’s first book, Isis Unveiled. It highlights the work’s central theme by omitting the frequent digressions to which Blavatsky’s fertile mind leaped from whatever topic she was considering. In addition, the publishers have modernized the punctuation, spelling, and in some cases the grammatical constructions and wording in an effort to make the text more accessible to a present-day reader.

This abridgment of one of the great classics of Western esoteric thinking will serve an an entrée to Blavatsky’s amazingly active mind and far-ranging thought, and inspire readers to go on to the full and original text.

Isis Unveiled was originally published in 1877. “Is it too much to believe that man should be developing new sensibilities and a closer relation with nature?” H.P. Blavatsky asked the reader in the preface to her first volume of Isis Unveiled. Over 1,200 pages were devoted in her quest to answer this and other questions relating to “the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology.” She assembled a distinguished array of authorities who gave eloquent testimony of an ancient, universal world view; the myths and legends of humanity were sifted; the science of her time was pitted against the discoveries of antiquity in her attempt “to aid the student to detect the vital principles which underlie the philosophical principles of old.”

Blavatsky explained the scope of her work:

Its object is not to force upon the public the personal views and theories of its author; nor has it pretensions of a scientific work, which aims at creating a revolution in some department of thought. It is rather a brief summary of the religions, philosophies, and universal traditions of human kind, and the exegesis of the same, in the spirit of those secret doctrines, which none—thanks to prejudice and bigotry—have reached Christendom in so unmutilated a form, as to secure a fair judgment.

Also by H.P. Blavatsky are the complete, two-volume editions of The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled.

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