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Its A Meaningful Life

It Just Takes Practice
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Paperback Book
March, 2001
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Bo Lozoff, an old buddy of Ram Dass, is co-founder of the Human Kindness Foundation and its Prison-Ashram Project, which has brought spiritual practice and resources to thousands of humans behind bars. His street-wisdom, humour, huge heart, and practical hands have been distilled into this lovely book which helps each of us discover the “vast lane” in an era when the “fast lane” seems to have taken over the whole highway of life. The roots of happiness, he says, are not found in the search for success or self-improvement but in a commitment to a personal spiritual practice combined with an outward practice of compassion and unselfish service to others. Bo’s emphasis on doing something, his get-to-the-heart-of-it and keep-it-simple sanity, and his open heart resonate through this book.

A sharing of nearly 35 years of study, practice, and hands-on experimentation with interfaith spiritual teachings in his own family’s life, It’s a Meaningful Life: It Just Takes Practice lays out a time-tested, universal path for tapping the joy and meaning in our everyday lives. It also criticizes many of our mainstream culture’s current views or styles, especially the way consumerism has come to dominate every sphere of human life.

It may seem complicated to practice more service, or to sustain such practice. You can always start on a very small (yet infinitely valuable) scale by practicing simple loving-kindness with everyone you encounter, from grocery clerks to toll booth collectors. One kind step naturally leads to another.

 “Creating A Personal Spiritual Practice” chapter topics include clarifying your motivation; vow practice (“you can do hard”); facing fears (“it’s not the top, it’s the climb”); mantras for everyday life (“lucky breaks and fractures”); meditation practices (“spirituality is not optional”); prayer (“our cosmic safety net”); exercises in seeing, and many more.

“Practicing Service” chapter topics include values exercises (“Chicken Little was right”); living simply (“the big activism”); sacred reading; stopping; work/life vision quest; daily marriage vows; working with anger; taking inventory; working with your hands; a day of silence; talking circle; radical goodwill, and more.

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