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It's Never Too Late

Healing Pre-Birth and Birth at Any Age
Paperback Book
34th Street Pr
October, 2018
$26.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Following her first book, The Secret Life of BabiesDr Mia Kalef now deepens her exploration of human sentience before conception and during birth.  

Whether you aim to understand your baby’s messages, are wishing to detect and heal your experiences from your time in the womb and at birth, are a health professional, or in a position of care for another,  this book offers a courageous and clear guide for decoding and healing some of society’s hardest to reach issues—depression, anxiety, violence, addiction, suicide—as well as other subtler and more pervasive adult challenges like low self-esteem, feelings of exclusion, and fears of intimacy. 

 It's Never Too Late also addressees common challenges parents and their babies encounter.  Rarely discussed issues like how to heal after challenging births, hospital interventions, and what to do when babies are inconsolable, experiencing movement or postural challenges, or having trouble making eye contact, are just some of the issues this book explores.

With a detailed and fascinating journey through conception, the early stages of embryonic growth, birth, and the myriad of ways human love and development get interrupted at these sensitive times, you will find gentle and effective ways to address the roots of personal and societal challenges. With an accessible and easy to implement approach, this book challenges our long-held assumptions that pre-birth and birth are forgotten, and offers a compassionate path back to experiencing the richness of our human lives.

What I had just discovered was that emotions were locked away in my body, and by feeling them my body had less pain! A spark was lit that day, one that made me curious about what was at the root of pain, both physical and emotional…


The healing work in this book is designed to reunite people of every age with their young, disenfranchised, and still hurting places, and move them forward in the present. Thus, this book is for anyone who wants to explore, discover, and work towards healing the challenges they faced between pre-conception and just after birth… Even though the suffering from challenging pre-birth and birth ex­periences can be debilitating, Nature has made it so that we all can heal.

“In Mia Kalef’s book you’ll find solid reasons to learn about the actual reality, validity of early learning and patterning for later life.” — Andrew Feldmár, psychotherapist

“At last, clinicians and parents have a book of authoritative knowledge that provides a solid foundation for working with the effects of prenatal imprinting. Mia Kalef brings together a clear understanding and set of skills for anyone working in this field and concerned about the lifelong mental and physical health of their smallest and biggest clients. Her case studies especially ground the material in the living reality of the treatment room and the heart. .” — Michael Shea, author of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Volumes 1-5

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