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Jerry's Mystery

Paperback Book
Larson Publications
August, 2016
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Jealousy, treachery, foul play, deception, humiliation, betrayal, revenge, bad blood, risqu drawings, guidance, intuitions, inspiration, admirationall these come into play in Jerrys life with the arrival of Fox, the new guy in his seventh grade class. Fox is smooth and slick, French, and all the girls adore him. He has dishonest intentions for Suzieand shes falling for it! Jerry has money now, but needs Wilcox more than everto see how his higher self will guide and inspire him to meet these mighty challenges. Their telepathy grows strong, as Jerry learns more and more about how his mind works and where his soul is and how to be there. Its presence and power in his life grow more and more mysterious. Add his run-in with the principals famed Whistler paddle, some past life memories and paranormal activity, and the showdown in the Haunted House, and you have the third of Jerrys adventures, following on Jerrys Magic and Jerrys Madness.

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