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Jesus' Course In Miracles

The Complete
Paperback Book
February, 2000
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Jesus Course in Miracles consists of the complete and unabridged Text volume of the great classic work, A Course in Miracles, as it was completed by Schucman and Thetford in 1972, before substantial editing by others. This early manuscript is sometimes called the Hugh Lynn Cayce version or simply the "HLC." Both its history and detailed textual analysis clearly establish that this edition is closer to the dictation that Helen Schucman received than other versions of the Course that have been published. In order to preserve the pristine character of original 1972 manuscript, the all-capitals rendition of emphasized words that appears in the typescript has been preserved in this edition, as have occasional misspellings and typographic errors. A 102 page Appendix, which compares the 1972 edition with the standard second edition, is included in this edition.

The conversational tone of Jesus Course in Miracles invites the novice student into conversation with the Author, and even advanced students of A Course in Miracles have found a new clarity and a deeper understanding from their study of this edition of the Course. The restoration of the previously lost material and presentation of the text in its original sequence enlivens the conversation with the Author and gives him a presence that some feel is lacking in the later editions.

Many students have found the study of Jesus Course in Miracles to be indispensable in their curriculum.

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