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Jewels of Silence

Meditations for Voice and Crystal Singing Bowls
Music CD
Angelic Tones
December, 2008
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Harmonic resonance for the journey within... for prayer, yoga, Reiki, bodywork and rest, Jewels of Silence features Ashana’s angelic vocal improvisations, crystal bowl playing and the vocal and keyboard artistry of Thomas Barquee, accompanied by bansoori flute, esraj and santoor.

This is a beautiful recording of great depth and exquisite sensitivity. With each successive track, the listener floats into deeper and deeper states of profound relaxation. The exquisite harmonics, accompanied by the constant droning of the crystal bowls, shifts brainwave patterns almost immediately into alpha, theta or delta states, quieting the mind and supporting meditation, rest and dreaming.

The inspiration for Jewels of Silence came out of the many requests I have received over the years for a CD of my crystal singing bowl sound meditations. These meditations weave together prayer, guided visualization, color, toning, mantra and crystal singing bowls, on a journey of light and sound through the seven main energy centers in the body, commonly known as the chakras, moving upwards from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

It is our prayer that the gentle peace of Jewels of Silence will help you go deep within so that you may rest in the quiet stillness of your being. We offer it from our hearts to yours, with gratitude and praise for the eternal light that shines in All.

At the heart of each piece, the constant drone of crystal singing bowls can be heard, played and intoned with sacred chant and mantra. Beginning with the root chakra in the tonality of C and ending at the crown, in the tonality of B, the pieces move sequentially up the seven main energy centers of the body, through the seven degrees of the Western musical scale. To deepen the meditative and healing effects, each piece also features seed sounds, or bija mantras—vowel sounds that can help activate and balance the chakras.

Ashana’s angelic voice can also be heard on her popular CD All is Forgiven.

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