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Jewish with Feeling

A Guide to Meaningful Jewish Practice
Paperback Book
Jewish Lights
April, 2013
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Taking off from basic questions like “Why be Jewish?” and whether the word God still speaks to us today, Reb Zalman lays out a vision for a whole-Earth, whole-person Judaism. This is not only Sinai then but Sinai now, a revelation of the Torah inside and all around us. Complete with numerous suggestions to enrich your own Jewish life, Jewish with Feeling is a mystical masterpiece filled with spiritual practices and an exciting vision of the future. Spiritual experience, as Reb Zalman shows, repays every effort we make to acquire it.

A spiritual seeker is a person whose soul is awake. In this book I make no assumptions about how much you know about Judaism, what holidays you keep, or whether you believe in God. I want us to start from your soul’s experience and carry on from there.

“Blends mysticism, scholarship and sechel into a unique and down-to-earth book for those who want to make Judaism their personal spiritual path. A book for anyone who wants to practice Judaism as a living religion.” —Rachel Naomi Remen, author, Kitchen Table Wisdom

“Without question the best, most readable introduction to Reb Zalman’s philosophy of Judaism, it is also the best beginner's guide to Jewish spirituality available today, the perfect book for both the spiritual seeker and the curious skeptic.” —The Forward

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, the inspiration of the Jewish Renewal movement, is widely recognized as one of the most important Jewish spiritual teachers of our time.

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