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On This Journey We Call Our Life

Living the Questions
Paperback Book
Inner City
January, 2003
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There is an old adage about providing a fishing rod to the hungry so they can fish for themselves, rather than giving them food. We all enjoy a well-cooked dinner among friends in comfy surroundings. But that is the exception, a celebration. On the day-to-day level, only if we work to feed ourselves can we leave the state of dependency and develop in our own way.

Over the years, Jungian analyst James Hollis has offered us many a feast (among his books are The Middle Passage and Creating a Life), sometimes of foods we are not used to, but we have grown to appreciate the nourishment of their unique mixtures of bitter and sweet. With On This Journey We Call Our Life we are offered something different—more of a working partnership than a finished meal.

Here Hollis climbs into our boat, helping us navigate the questions without charts that haunt us all.

What follow here are ten chapters, ten questions, the addressing of which, to my mind, deepens the character of our journeys… These are not the only questions worthy to be included, but they are those which presently seem to me to be most useful.

 He acknowledges the uniqueness and value of each of our journeys, sharing his personal experiences only so that we can find our own understanding. Among the ten disarmingly probing questions are:

ª  By what truths am I living my life?

ª  What is my myth?

ª  What supports me?

ª  What is my shadow and how can I make it known?

ª  What fiction shall be my truth?

This is not a book of revealed truths. Rather it surrenders to the questions, guided only by whatever insight, endurance and energy each of us may have. The partnership is rich in poetry as well as prose, but most of all it shoulders the burden of uncertainty, and reminds us of its treasures.

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