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Kahou Nakabayashi Cal 2019

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September, 2018
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Kahou Nakabayashi Calendar 2019 "JOY OF LIFE".
Her colorful flowing curving line would heal and give bright energy to the people who watch this calendar.
You can see all images of this calendar on the web page.

She is a Japanese artist, based on her concept of "Love x Life x Communication", she created not only canvas arts but also live paintings, such as body paintings, in various styles of art expressions. You can see many art works on her homepage.

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by Jacky
Sep 30, 2018

Kahou Nakabayashi's 2019 calendar is filled with delightful artwork, just as was her 2018 calendar.  Since there is no image available to entice buyers, I suggest taking a peek at her work on Facebook.  I recently ordered some original art from the 2019 calendar which she managed to ship to here in Canada.  Delightful treasures.  Poetry in Japanese and in English as a bonus on the calendar, lov