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Keys to Soul Evolution

Gateway to the Next Dimension
Paperback Book
7d Pub
September, 2009
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"I have been reading spiritual material for over 30 years and I have to say that this book is the most profoundly useful book I have read thus far. I use a high lighter when I read and I've got every page marked up in yellow! This is a book that every spiritual traveler needs to keep in their special book shelf!" ~ Marilynn Jacobs, C.A.S. (Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist), Santa Fe, NM

"Keys to Soul Evolution is full of enlightening and practical advice that will enhance your spiritual growth and contribution to universal evolution. I give it my highest recommendation and suggest that you read it with a sense of urgency." ~ Ross Pittman, Editor,

"Keys to Soul Evolution is the best channeled book since the author Jane Robert's bestselling books on the nature of reality from the entity Seth! It is the only 2012 genre book that I have reviewed that gives practical advice for planetary and human evolution. A must read book to get us out of the global mess we are in and to spark and manifest "a new human evolved being of light" ~ Alan Stein, founder Star Gate Awareness Resources, 23 year old metaphysical bookstore, Eugene, Oregon

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