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The Last Whale

Flute Meditations from the Soul of the Planet
Music CD
Oreade Music
July, 2016
$21.50 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Haunting solo flute meditations enhanced with whale and nature sounds make this album ideal for meditation, tai chi, and other activities where the listener is seeking peace and quiet. A calm island far away from the world of noise and confusion. Featuring Chris Michell on native American cedar flutes, bamboo and cocus wood flutes, alto and silver flute, piccolo, keyboard and tingshaws. Also with Tibetan bowls and didgeridoo.

The album is “lovingly dedicated to all the dying and extinct cetaceans, animals, birds and plants on our beautiful planet.”

Astrobiologist Carl Sagan noted that “the brain size of whales is much larger than that of humans and their cerebral cortexes are as convoluted. They are social animals and have the capacity to have eight conversations at one time. They are another class of intelligence beings who share Earth with us.” Humpback whale songs are very complex and may last for several hours. Throughout the mating season, the humpbacks evolve and develop their songs and as the themes change, all the whales of the group make the same changes simultaneously, round the world. How they do this, is one of the remarkable mysteries of the animal kingdom. Perhaps there is something to be learned from the whales ‘philosophy’ on life. Whales play for three times as long as they spend searching for food.

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