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Leave It Be

Alan Watts on the Art of Meditation
Spoken Word CD
Sounds True
January, 2020
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Publisher’s Description: 

The legendary author, speaker, and self-described "philosophical entertainer" Alan Watts delights us on audio with a wealth of illuminations into the spirit and art of meditation, spanning many traditions

"What would it be like to see all as one?" Alan Watts asks. "We hear about attaining great states of consciousness. But the only way to have a real transformation is to stop thinking about itand simply experience it."

From the 1950s to the 1970s, this seminal teacher sparked the West's love for Eastern wisdom. Now, in these rare recorded gems, he inspires a new generation of inner explorers seeking deeper insights into meditationits myriad forms, how they work, and what happens when we practice them.

On the "artless art" of contemplative practice, Watts explores Buddhist and yogic paths, Zen koans, Hindu mantra chanting, deep listening, effortless awareness, and more.

The key to all meditation, reflects Watts, is to give up trying to do itto leave it beand allow ourselves to be meditated by what is beyond our illusory self.

For those looking for teachings seldom explored in the current tide of books on mindfulness, Buddhism, and yoga, Watts is here to enthrall usas original, humorous, and relevant today as ever.

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