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Legacy Of The Heart

The Spiritual Advantages of a Painful Childhood
Paperback Book
Simon & Schuster
February, 1993
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In this inspiring book (which comes in the heartspace lineage shared by teachers such as Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield, and Stephen Levine) Wayne Muller draws on 18 years of work with adult children of troubled families to show how hard-won wisdom born of hurt can become a powerful source of strength and peace. He teaches us how to recognize and transform the damaging effects of childhood wounds and rediscover our natural vitality, creativity, and joy.

Each chapter includes a beautifully articulated meditation or exercise, the experience of which adds depth and strength to the teachings of this book. Some of the titles of the exercises/meditations are:

·    A Place of Refuge

·    Letting Go of Family Sorrow

·    Cultivating a Place of Safety

·    Exploring Fear in the Body

·    Investigating the Judging Mind

·    Cultivating Mercy

·    The Practice of Being Ordinary

·    Naming our Emotional Habits

·    A Day of Silence

·    Touching the Pain of Others

Muller is clear about his use of mindfulness and loving-kindness meditations from the Buddhist tradition, which are appropriate in the healing context of this book. This book “brings an awakening to the heart, a gift to the soul, and a healing balm to the spirit.” —Jack Kornfield.

How do we cultivate such intimacy? What practices are available to allow us to gently outgrow our isolation? First we must recognize that we are most often propelled into isolation by fear, sadness, or hurt. When, in the company of others, we become sad, afraid, or hurt, our survival impulse is to hide out, to disappear, and to make ourselves small, protected, and alone....

Ironically...our withdrawal into isolation can actually serve to increase our suffering. When we separate out of fear, our fears may multiply, our sadness congeals, and our wounds continue to germinate in the fertile greenhouse of our seclusion. Consequently, the first step in healing our isolation requires us to reverse our natural tendencies to hide our fear and camouflage our grief. Rather than hide, our challenge is to speak what is true, to share the tender contents of our hearts, to describe for others the emotional geography of our deepest concerns....Only then are we able to open ourselves to intimate communion with others.

Publisher’s Description: 

...teaches readers how to recognize and transform the damaging effects of their wounds and rediscover their natural vitality, creativity and joy

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