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The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East

6 Volume Boxed Set
Paperback Book
Devorss & Co.
June, 1986
$79.50 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Baird T. Spalding, whose name became legend in metaphysical circles during the first half of the 20th century, played an important part in introducing to the Western world knowledge of the Masters, or Elder Brothers, who are assisting and guiding the destiny of mankind. This boxed set of 6 paperbound volumes remains a perennial classic, and each volume is also available individually.

Partial listing of the contents of the six volumes:

Volume 1: Introduction to the Master Emil—Visit to the “Temple of Silence”—Astral projection—Walking on Water—Visit to the Healing Temple—Emil talks about America—The Snowman of the Himalayas—New Light on the teachings of Jesus.

Volume 2: Visit to the Temple of the Great Tau Cross—Visit with the Master Jesus—Jesus discusses the nature of hell; the nature of God—The Mystery of thought vibrations—Jesus feeds the multitude—An account of a healing experience—Jesus and Buddha visit the group.

Volume 3: One of the masters speaks of the Christ consciousness—The nature of cosmic energy—The Creation of the planets and the worlds—the trip to Lhasa—Visit at the Temple Poratat-sanga—Explaining the mystery of levitation—A doubter becomes convinced of the existence of Jesus.

Volume 4: First presented as “The India Tour Lessons.” Each chapter has text for study as well as guides to teachers for developing and interpreting the material. Among subjects covered: The White Brotherhood—The One Mind—Basis of coming social reorganization—Prana.

Volume 5: Lectures and articles by Spalding; also a brief biographical sketch. Partial contents: Camera of past events—Is there a God—The divine pattern—The reality—Mastery over death—The law of supply.

Volume 6: (new in 1996) 18 Articles by Spalding, with questions and answers taken from Mind Magazine, 1935-37, and a contemporary biographical sketch of Spalding. A special section includes rare photos of Spalding, the India Tour group, shipboard accommodations, Calcutta, letters from the tour, Spalding memorabilia, seven manuscripts by Spalding, and a eulogy and reminiscences by friends.

Community Reviews

by LMJdS
Jan 17, 2020

In the 80's I went to see Jacques Weiss, the French translator in Paris as I had quite a few questions about the book.  He immediately switched me to another book, 'La cosmogonie d'Urantia' his French title for the Urantia book.  Now in 2020 I understand why in a sense it answered all my questions about Spalding's book.  Still a few details might need clarification.  But in terms of deeper unde