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The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East

Volume 6
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Paperback Book
Devorss & Co.
November, 1996
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For those who already have the first five volumes…

Thirty-five years after the appearance of Volume 5 of Life & Teaching of the masters of the Far East, ten dusty cartons thought to contain nothing more than proofs, invoices, and correspondence to do with the reprinting of Spalding’s books were discovered in the DeVorss warehouse.

To everyone’s surprise, some of the cartons held Spalding manuscripts, papers, letters, photographs, and other materials related to this man who name has been a legend of metaphysical and truth circles and whose writings have constituted “a landmark work in spiritual literature” (Bodhi Tree magazine).

More research revealed a collection of articles by Spalding not seen for 60 years, further introducing to the Western world the wisdom of the Masters who are assisting and guiding the destiny of humankind. All of these materials and items have been put into this new, most ambitious, and personal of the Spalding volumes. Here is the private side of Baird Spalding, captured visually and in words set against the background of his times. Here he is in life—and in death.

This new Volume Six includes: Articles previously omitted from Vol. 5; Photographs; The 1935 India Tour and correspondence; Rare letters; Personal recollectiosn of BTS; Spalding’s last days; Spalding biography and memorabilia.

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