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The Lifelong Gardener

Garden with Ease and Joy at Any Age
Hardcover Book
Timber Press
August, 2019
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The secret to making the most of later life is to keep doing what you love. With practical advice and gentle inspiration, Gattone shows us how gardening can work for people of any age. Carl Honor, author of Bolder and the international bestseller In Praise of Slowness

Are you one of the10,000 baby boomers retiringevery day? Do you love to garden?As you get older, you need to adapt how you garden to ensure that you can continue enjoying the hobby for years to come. In The Lifelong Gardener, Master Gardener Toni Gattone shares adaptive gardening techniques that will help you garden smarter, not harder. This helpful guide includes tried-and-true methods that help eliminate the physical strain of gardening, like buying ergonomic tools, using raised beds, and dozens of simple ways to make gardening more comfortable. Written witha positive and empowering tone and designed to inspire, The Lifelong Gardener celebrates the joy ofgardening at any age.

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