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Into Light

The Meditation Music of Deva Premal
Music CD
Sounds True
August, 2010
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After touring non-stop for nearly 20 years, and turning on millions, Deva Premal and her partner Miten have confirmed that the allure of mantra is as powerful today, amplified through hi-fi speakers, as it was thousands of years ago chanted around the sacred fire. Now, following her first meditation music album Into Silence, the planetary star of sacred chant Deva Premal is back with Into Light, a satisfying collection of illuminating chants and contemplative pieces for meditation, relaxation, and inner journeying. Known for her genuine, heartfelt devotion, Deva offers an expansive album that allures us into deeper exploring of the divine inner light within.

Masterfully woven with luscious and subtle refinements, Into Light is a magnificent sound track for the heart’s opening, melting, tuning.

You are enlightened from the very beginning. Enlightenment is your nature. Enlightenment is not something that has to be achieved. It is not a goal. It is your source. It is your very energy. —Osho

Chants include “Lokah Samasta,” “Om Namah Shivaya,” “Moola Mantra,” “Ilumina,” “Teyata,” “Maha Mrityunjaya,” and “Gayatri Mantra,” which is translated as

Through the coming, going, and

the balance of life

The essential nature which

illuminates existence is

the adorable one

May all perceive through subtle

intellect the brilliance

of enlightenment.

Among Deva Premal’s other albums are The Essence, Embrace, and Love is Space.



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