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The Light Inside The Dark

Zen, Soul, and the Spiritual Life
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Paperback Book
November, 1999
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Voices of pain and voices of delight, dark material and bright—all are useful for the journey. At the same time there is a central core: each voice sings its note of eternity. There are spirit books that talk about spirit and soul books that talk about soul—in this book I have tried to hold these two great archetypes in conversation with each other, letting them murmur tenderly to each other and groan in pain, letting them shout out in joy for what is found and wail for what is lost and cannot be recovered. Underlying all the voices I hope you will hear a unifying consciousness, telling the old story of going out and coming home, as if by firelight in a cave, so that the children listening now with upturned faces will know, when their turn comes, that others have gone before and that they are not alone.

This lyrical, satisfyingly brilliant book by a poet, Jungian psychotherapist, and Zen teacher (in the lineage of Robert Aitken) has earned the sages’ praises:

“It is obvious from its first pages, its first sentences, that The Light Inside the Dark is a profoundly original and important book. You can feel the quality of John Tarrant’s thinking in his finely wrought verbal intelligence, which is skeptical of abstractions and works close to the bone. With a prose rich in the things of this world, and an insight honed by twenty-five years of intensive Zen training, Tarrant has created not so much a synthesis as a brilliant reimagining of the great inner traditions of East and West. He maps the landscape of the inner life and takes us on a journey through it, so that we can feel its terrain under our feet, gaze into its abysses, and lie down under its stars. This is a beautiful, passionate, meticulously forthright book.” —Stephen Mitchell

“This is simply the best book that I have read in the past ten years. The Light Inside the Dark cuts through the many contemporary illusions about the journey which is a life and offers a compass that can guide us to our true home.” —Rachel Naomi Remen, author of Kitchen Table Wisdom

“An exquisite book which carries your deepest longings and loves with the lyrical voice of a nightingale. This is one of the best guides yet to the breaking open of the human heart, to vulnerability, eternal spirit, and the mountains dancing.” —Jack Kornfield, author of A Path with Heart

Publisher’s Description: 

In this landmark guide to the spiritual journey, respected Zen teacher and psychotherapist John Tarrant brings together ancient Eastern traditions and the Western passion for the soul. Using real-life stories, Zen tales, and Greek myths, The Light Inside the Dark shows how our darkest experiences can be the gates to wisdom and joy. Tarrant leads us through the inevitable descents of our journey--from the everyday world of work and family into the treasure cave of the interior life--from which we return with greater love of life's vivid, common gifts. Written with empathy and a poet's skill, The Light Inside the Dark is the freshest and most challenging work on the soul to he published in years.

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