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Light Of Oneness

Paperback Book
Golden Sufi
April, 2004
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Banyen's Description: 

Contemporary Sufi teacher and dreamworker Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, in his new book Light of Oneness, describes how humanity is awakening to the consciousness of oneness, an awareness of the unity and interconnectedness of all of life. Mystics are helping with this work, he says, bringing light and love where it is needed, transforming old patterns and bringing this new awareness into the collective.

Working with the secret substance of creation, the mystic understands the relationship between consciousness and the energy of matter, and how this energy can be awakened. He/she knows the mysteries of the relationship between the structure of matter and the invisible presence of the divine.

He describes how certain esoteric knowledge is being given to humanity. Light of Oneness contains some of this knowledge: how there are dimensions of light and darkness beyond our present understanding, how life can be realigned from within, and how love is woven into the web of life. It takes us to the real source of healing, and shows how we can work with the energies of life in the inner and outer world. He also explores the role of the feminine and how her natural understanding of life’s wholeness and interrelatedness is pivotal to our evolution.

In order to claim our future we need the esoteric knowledge of how the outer and inner worlds work together. Light of Oneness offers an understanding of spiritual work that belongs to the future, when the knowledge of science and the wisdom of the mystic will come together. It gives a global perspective to mystical work that is vital if we are to help the world to awaken.

Among his other books are The Face Before I Was Born and Love Is a Fire.

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