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Light on Yoga

Yoga Dipika
Paperback Book
May, 2001
$26.99 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Now in a larger format, easier-to-read edition with sewn signatures (so it won’t fall apart with steady use), this classic guide to yoga from the world’s foremost authority has instructed thousands of yoga students since its original publication in 1966. This precise and essential guide for everyone—from the complete beginner to the highly advanced student, includes:

ª  Iyengar’s own photo-illustrated step-by-step guides to every yoga routine

ª  Week-by-week Iyengar Yoga development plan—with a total of 300 weeks to allow gradual progression from novice to advanced technique

ª  Iyengar’s  unique, inspired guide to Pranayama (yoga breathing techniques)

ª  Iyengar’s yoga philosophy for life, and an introduction to the spiritual aspects of yoga

ª  Yoga sequences and asanas to help heal a range of specific illnesses and conditions.

Now in his eighties, B.K.S. Iyengar is a great, charming, and inspiring teacher. This reliable text is the bible of yoga practice in our time.

I am sure that this delightful idea of printing the final positions of the asanas in an enlarged size will help practitioners to learn to feel the expression of the texture of the skin, co-ordination in the physical, chemical and energy metabolisms, the rhythmic balance of the five elements in the body, the use of direction and gravitational pressure, the spacing of limbs and muscles, the elegance, shape, form, grace, beauty, power, strength, compactness of mind and intelligence, awareness of consciousness and transportation of body and mind to the level of the self, as if the self is ringing the bell in each cell, saying, ‘I am here, I am there and I am everywhere.’...

May this special edition of Light on Yoga be a basis, in your practice and study, for experiencing its benefits with reflection and thought. It is only through the mirror of yoga that the whole of man reflects to know himself. No other science offers this matured wisdom.

Also by B.K.S. Iyengar are Light on Pranayama, The Tree of Yoga, and Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health.

Publisher’s Description: 

B. K. S Iyengars Light On Yoga is established now as the classic text for all serious students of yoga. Its a jewel in the list and we are delighted to have the enthusiastic support of B. K. S. Iyengar for this new edition.

There has not been a substantial redesign of Light On Yoga since the 1960s and although this original, cramped design does sell, we know our new look book will broaden its appeal, ensuring Light On Yoga remains fresh and accessible.


Step by step photo-guide to routines for beginners to highly advanced.

Guide to yoga breathing

Introduction to the philosophy behind the Yoga.

Guide to healing specific health problems with yoga poses.

New design will appeal to new yoga readers and existing Iyengar students:

Larger, more spacious, squarer format pages

Improved structure - so its easy to see where one exercise ends and next begins

Updated page design and typeface

Larger, easier to read type

Larger photos of each completed Asana (pose) - to show more detail.

Iyengars original text is retained throughout and we also have a brand new foreword written by Mr Iyengar especially for this edition.

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