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The Listening Path

The Creative Art of Attention (A 6-Week Artist's Way Program)
Paperback Book
St. Martin's Publishing Group
January, 2021
$24.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

A 6-week Artists Way Program from legendary author Julia Cameron

"Cameron's fans will love this"Publishers Weekly

The newest book from beloved author Julia Cameron, The Listening Path is a transformational journey to deeper, more profound listening and creativity. Over six weeks, readers will be given the tools to become better listenersto their environment, the people around them, and themselves. The reward for learning to truly listen is immense. As we learn to listen, our attention is heightened and we gain healing, insight, clarity. But above all, listening creates connections and ignites a creativity that will resonate through every aspect of our lives.

Julia Cameron is the author of the explosively successful book The Artists Way, which has transformed the creative lives of millions of readers since it was first published. Incorporating tools from The Artists Way, The Listening Path offers a new method of creative and personal transformation.

Each week, readers will be challenged to expand their ability to listen in a new way, beginning by listening to their environment and culminating in learning to listen to silence. These weekly practices open up a new world of connection and fulfillment. In a culture of bustle and constant sound, The Listening Path is a deeply necessary reminder of the power of truly hearing.

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