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Living Deeply

The Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life
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Paperback Book
New Harbinger
December, 2007
$34.95 CAD
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The book Living Deeply is the product of the
Institute of
Noetic Sciences
’ decade-long investigation into transformations in human consciousness. It focuses on common elements of transformation across a variety of traditions, affirming and supporting the diversity of approaches across religious, spiritual, scientific, academic, or cultural backgrounds. Living Deeply makes these teachings accessible without diminishing their complexity, empowering readers to become their own scientists, develop and test their own hypotheses, and reach their own conclusions.

Each chapter ends with “Experiences of Transformation,” exercises drawn from wisdom traditions or scientific investigations meant to enhance your direct experience of the material.

Learning more about the terrain of consciousness transformation can not only give you a map, but can help you become the cartographer of your own transformative journey. The IONS people have systematically surveyed hundreds of people’s stories of their own transformations, as well as conducting over 50 in–depth interviews with teachers and masters of the world’s spiritual, religious, and transformative traditions. Among the many interviewees are Starhawk, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Sharon Salzberg, Rachel Naomi Remen, Sylvia Boorstein, Michael Murphy, and Ram Dass.

Whether you seek to transform your life completely or simply make adjustments that will add a layer of richness and depth to your life—exploring the many ways that transformation is stimulated and sustained can hold great power.

This engagement of different ways of understanding what’s real and true is leading to the discovery of new tools for living in the midst of complexity. As ancient spiritual wisdom converges with the latest scientific understandings of the world and our place in it, we are finding new answers to the age-old questions of “Who am I?” and “What am I capable of becoming?”

This book weaves together the rigors of the scientific perspective with the deep wisdom of the world’s traditions to create a nondenominational, multicultural map to help guide you on your way through the transformation—whether large or small—that impact your life, your relationships, and your community. We’ve sought to unearth the commonalities of diverse practices, to decipher pathways to transformation that you can use regardless of whether you’re religious or spiritual; involved in business, the military, or the PTA.

Also available is an accompanying DVD called Living Deeply: Transformative Practices from the World’s Wisdom Traditions.

Publisher’s Description: 

Drawn from the renowned Institute of Noetic Sciences' 30-year study on human consciousness, this book explores the power of mind-body practice, heightened states of awareness and moments of personal transformation.This engaging book, the fruit of the Institute of Noetic Sciences ongoing investigation into the power and potential of human consciousness, brings what we know about how people achieve transformation off the mountain top, down from the ivory tower, out of the laboratory, and into your hands. The groundbreaking insights were gleaned from representatives of many major world religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American cosmology, and modern forms of spirituality, complemented by the latest discoveries from science. 256 pp.

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