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The Long Emergency

Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century
Paperback Book
March, 2006
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Banyen's Description: 

The last two hundred years have seen the greatest explosion of progress and wealth in the history of mankind. But the depletion of nonrenewable fossil fuels is about to radically change life as we know it, and much sooner than we think. As a result of artificially cheap fossil-fuel energy we have developed global models of industry, commerce, food production, and finance that will collapse. The Long Emergency tells us what to expect after we pass the tipping point of global peak oil production, preparing us for economic, political, and social changes of an unimaginable scale.

 What will happen when our current plagues of global warming, epidemic disease, and overpopulation collide to exacerbate the end of the oil age? Will the new global economy be able to persevere, or will we be forced to revert to the more agrarian, localized economy we once knew? The Long Emergency is a devastating indictment that brings new urgency and accessibility to critical issues that will shape our future—and that we can no longer afford to ignore.

The oil endowment allowed us to use the stored energy of millions of years of sunlight. Unfortunately the fossil fuel honeymoon is almost over…

It has been estimated that without coal, oil, or natural gas, it would take several planets just like Earth to support the current number of humans living…

Our daily enjoyment of oil and gas has given us the energy equivalent of three hundred slaves per person in the industrialized nations. No combination of alternative energies will permit us to continue living the way we do, or even close to it.

The book’s central message is that our culture will pay dearly unless it urgently develops new, sustainable community-scale food systems, energy sources, and living patterns.

Publisher’s Description: 

A controversial hit that sparked debate among "businessmen," "environmentalists," and "bloggers," this book is an eye-opening look at the unprecedented challenges we face as oil runs out and the global systems built on it are forced to change radically. "What" sets THE LONG EMERGENCY apart from numerous other books on this theme is its comprehensive sweep - its powerful integration of "science," "technology," "economics," "finance," international politics and social change - along with a fascinating attempt to peer into a chaotic "future." - American Scientist.

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