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The Lore of Old Elfland

Secrets from the Bronze Age to Middle Earth
Paperback Book
Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
November, 2019
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Stories of the elven tribes have been told throughout history, and for some people in the modern world, inexplicable brushes with elves continue to this day. This masterful work of storytelling and scholarship explores the fascinating history of elfland, sharing magical tales of elves and faeries from the Old Norse sagas, little-known Danish ballads, classical folktales, Tolkien's Mirkwood, and even personal, first-hand encounters. From the mound people of Lneburg Heath to the Elf-maids of the Black Forest, The Lore of Old Elfland brings the shrouded activities of the elves into the light. With lovely recipes and crafts, this book also invites you to realize your own vision of elflanda vision that will fill your spirit with mysterious wonders and strange delights.

A rich exploration of the ancient elf-lore that originated in the Nordic Bronze Agethe lore that inspired Tolkien and influenced generations of authors, artists, and spiritual practitioners

Includes craft projects such as elf stones and a midsummer wedding crown as well as recipes for elderberry soup and holiday rye bread

An elven herbal and a basic guide to elves, elfkind, and related phenomena help readers integrate fascinating tidbits of elf-lore into their daily lives

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