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The Lost Works of E.J. Gold

Paperback Book
Gateways Books & Tapes
May, 2017
$33.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 
This book is a collection of long out-of-print chapbooks, treatises, booklets, and training manuals authored by E.J. Gold before he wrote his better known books (1975 and after). These "lost works" range from mystical and highly poetic texts to esoteric training manuals mapping the author's earliest researches in transformational psychology techniques. Among the notable texts included are "The Dynamic Entity," "Mala Training Manual," and "Brother Judas: The Compassionate Betrayal."
Some of the individual titles, alone, stir one deeply when read aloud — "You Look Somehow Familiar Forever," "Spontaneous Surrender," "Cosmic Acupuncture," and "The Butterfly of Retribution," to name a few.
In these early works, Gold asserted himself by the clarity of his thoughts and his practical approach to transformation. The language used in these early writings is particularly essence-oriented.

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