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Love, God, And The Art Of French Cooking

Paperback Book
Hay House, Inc.
December, 2011
$21.50 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Imagine meeting a French chef who is much more than what he seems. In this true story, James Twyman enters the mystical world of Roger Dufau, the owner of a bed-and-breakfast outside Toronto, who dishes out lessons on love and God just as easily as he does the most delicious cuisine. Follow James as he undergoes a profound transformation, exploring his past relationships and dissolving negative patterns. In this remarkably personal account, James learns to release his fears and fully open his heartperhaps for the first time.

Food is one of the closest things we have to real spirituality, Roger explains, then goes on to teach the true meaning of abundance, and how our passion can be used to create new worlds and serve humanity.

This is a book that will stir your heart as well as offer hints on how you too can become a master chefnot only of French cuisine, but of your own life. It is a recipe for living, and speaks with an intimacy that everyone can appreciate and understand.

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