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Love Is the Strongest Medicine

Hardcover Book
Hay House
May, 2021
$25.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

In the spirit of physician memoirs such as Complications and When Breath Becomes Air, "singing oncologist" Steven Eisenberg offers patients, families, and caregivers a blueprint for living each day with hope.

"Steven Eisenberg is a doctor who understands that health is just as much spiritual as physical. This book puts music, laughter, and heart front and center, and the results are magical."
--Mark Hyman, M.D., Director of the Cleveland Clinic for Functional Medicine and 10-time New York Times best-selling author

In Dr. Steven Eisenberg's oncology practice, the enemy is cancer, but it's also denial, anger, and fear--draining emotions that can interfere with the effectiveness of treatment. Every day, Dr. Steven helps patients fight cancer using both time-tested conventional therapies and innovative medical technologies. At the same time, he helps them overcome negative emotions by cultivating acceptance, love, and self-compassion in a deeply personal way, through the music he plays and sings for and with them.
How often do you hear someone say, "I'm alive"? Dr. Steven's patients say it to him all the time, in conversations, texts, and e-mails. Some of these patients are celebrating remissions or cures. Some are getting sicker, with reservations about what tomorrow might bring. But they've had a good day. They are all--we are all--truly and urgently alive. Dr. Steven's book invites us to celebrate this truth, even as it offers a compelling account of a doctor's experience on the front lines of care; a road map for bringing humanity back into traditional medical practice; and indelible proof that connection truly is the best medicine.

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