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Love's Hidden Symmetry

What Makes Love Work in Relationships
Paperback Book
Zeig Tucker & Thiesen
January, 2009
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Hailed by psychotherapist Stephen Gilligan as “containing the first new ideas in the field in many years,” Love’s Hidden Symmetry invokes a lively blend of narrative, storytelling, transcript material, and poetic imagery to describe, and to demonstrate, how disturbances in what Hellinger calls “the orders of love” create a legacy that must be reckoned with for generations to come. Hellinger’s basic tool for helping family members restore balance is the use of family constellations. He demonstrates how family forces can be harnessed for healing once they are acknowledged, respected, and gently redirected.

Hellinger clarifies how this method can be refined and expanded to galvanize the energy of everyone involved toward a greater sense of well-being. The transcripts included in the book help to capture the extraordinary potential of working appropriately with family constellations. The profound suffering of many of these individuals is more than matched by the opportunity for peace that is revealed in the therapeutic work.

Hellinger’s ability to cut through to the existential themes hidden in people’s everyday complaints gives the book a nonscientific immediacy. His language is hot; it wants to touch and move, not just to inform. In this sense, it’s literature or practical philosophy, a book for everyone interested in intimate relationships…

Bert Hellinger’s spirituality is close to the earth, embodied, passionate, life affirming… It draws us into life rather than seeking to lift us above it. It celebrates the simple and the ordinary, speaking to everyone who is wrestling with whatever limits the soul’s longing to reach its potential in the world. —from the introduction by Hunter Beaumont

Hellinger has become a phenomenon both in his native Germany and across Europe. His workshops are extremely well attended. This book translates his ideas and approaches for English-speaking readers and clinicians for the first time.

 Also by Bert Hellinger is Acknowledging What Is.

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