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Mantra Meditation

Change Your Karma with the Power of Sacred Sound
Book + CD Set
Sounds True
June, 2010
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The power of mantras was so great that the Buddha himself was concerned about their misuse in the hands of merchants and generals. Mantras are “sacred sound syllables” that can effect changes to your inner psyche and the external world. Today, Thomas Ashley-Farrand—one of the foremost authorities on Vedic and Buddhist Sanskrit mantras in the West— makes these sacred sounds widely available in a new integrated book-and-CD learning set.

According to traditional practice, “When you begin to chant these ancient formulas, the petals on the chakras begin to resonate, and they begin to pull in minute amounts of spiritual energy.” Over days, weeks, and months, larger and larger amounts of energy accumulate bringing health and radiance, and eliminating karma, which allows deeper desires to be fulfilled. Mantra Meditation offers a full interactive program including:

ª  How to use mantras for feng shui to create healing energy flow in your home and workplace

ª  Ways to integrate the power of Kubera—guardian of wealth and keeper of mantras—into your own life

ª  Over 60 minutes of mantras recorded in the author’s own voice for clearing space, removing obstacles, obtaining prosperity, and more.

This is the first CD-and-book combination from Thomas Ashley-Farrand. Also by him are the books Chakra Mantras, Healing Mantras and Shakti Mantras.

Publisher’s Description: 

All of the choices we make in life--even our thoughts and feelings--create our soul's karma. According to ancient tradition, the sacred sound syllables known as mantras can have a profound impact on both the inner psyche and the external world--and allow us to dissolve negative karma. On Mantra Meditation, Thomas Ashley-Farrand, one of the foremost authorities on mantras in the West teaches readers how to use authentic mantras to balance the chakras and enhance spiritual energy. Designed as a 40-day practice or a lifelong tool, using these sacred sounds can allow us to remove obstacles, attract abundance, and deepen our spiritual connections. Includes a CD of guided meditations and Sanskrit pronunciation instruction. This book includes a spoken-word audio CD, which is not available with the digital ebook edition.

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