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Manual of Zen Buddhism

Paperback Book
May, 1999
$21.50 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

The author of over a hundred books in English and Japanese, D.T. Suzuki was the single greatest ambassador of Zen Buddhism to the West in the 20th century. Figures as diverse as Aldous Huxley, Thomas Merton, John Cage, and Jack Kerouac have all been drawn to his work.

This seminal anthology, edited and translated by Suzuki, collects the basic literary texts of Zen, including sections on prayer, chants, the teachings of great Zen masters, and monastic art.

Manual of Zen Buddhism by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki (1935) was fully intended to be an actual Zen manual, full of liturgy, ritual and explanations. D.T. Suzuki, the enthusiastic ordained Japanese Zen Scholar, presents the subject matter as always with perfect confidence and numerous flying sparks. Good book to have on hand if learning how to perform formal Japanese Zen liturgy or hosting your own sittings.

"Suzuki's works on Zen Buddhism are among the best contributions to the knowledge of living Buddhism... We cannot be sufficiently grateful to the author, first for the fact of his having brought Zen closer to Western understanding, and secondly for the manner in which he has achieved this task." —C.G. Jung

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