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Marion Woodman and the Conscious Feminine

Marion Woodman in Conversation with Marlene Schiwy
Marlene Schiwy & Lael McCall
September, 2013
$125.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

These audio-visual interviews with Marion Woodman were filmed in her beautiful study in London, Ontario in 2005 and 2006. Marlene Schiwy and Lael McCall offered Marion the invitation to speak about both the evolution of Body Soul Rhythms and the work of the Marion Woodman Foundation, and her current concerns and interests.

This set of 6 DVDs covers a wide variety of topics, including Marion's chlidhood and family life; tth Death Mother and Death Father archetypes; the essence of dreams and some of the big dreams that have shaped Marion's destiny; the importance of Marion's journal through the years; the spiritual meaning of addiction; Virgin and Crone; creativity as a healing force; and Marion's own analyses with Dr. Bennet and Miss Hannah. There is also one hour with Marion and Ross Woodman, and another hour with Marion and Marlene together on screen. The conversations have been edited only for continuity and clarity, and to avoid repetition.

Summary of DVD Contents

1. What is Marion working on now?

  • Another level of Death Mother. Negative Mother. Kali. Myth of Medusa.
  • Marion’s grandmother from Ireland, and her mother’s story. Marion’s childhood and relationship with her father. Golden mandala dream about her mother. Father’s love of poetry.

2. Marion’s dreams and the importance of metaphor.

  • Metaphor is crucial for Marion’s work. Dream of orange bush. Teaching poetry – “Tyger, tyger, burning bright”. Emily Dickinson. BONE, and importance of Marion’s journal and concerns about publishing it.

3. The Virgin archetype.

  • How it is different for Marion now than 20 or 30 years ago. Most important aspect of Crone. Demon Lover. Conscious Mother. Conscious body. Subtle body. Celtic cross with cameos. Marion’s analysis with Dr. Bennett.

4. Marion’s experience of analysis.

  • Dr. Bennett, continued. Analysis with Ms. Hannah, her “brilliant heart.”
  • “Do you love your dreams?” Marion’s snake dreams over the years.
  • Marion and Ross. What is most precious about their marriage now?

5. What does it mean to live our Virgin in the world?

  • Who is the Virgin’s husband? Our culture is devastated with addiction.
  • How do we work with Shadow? What is a Destiny marriage?
  • Values of conscious Virgin and Crone. Death Father energy.

6.  The opposites in addiction.

  • What does “unconscious” really mean?
  • Creativity as healer
  • Importance of archetypal energy
  • Marion recites poetry

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